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An old pub - shame it's closed


Are you looking at historical research?  Do you need to trace the history of a bulding or look into genealogy?  Want to findout more about the area?


Cottage at Beattock


 Researching information from the past can be fascinating, but also very time consuming and frustrating.  The Internet has made historical research more accessible to many people, but even it has it's limits.


Situated in the beautiful and historic North West of England, close to the border with Scotland, we are highly skilled in the field of historical research.  Whether you are looking into the history of the area or a specific bulding, or pursuing genealogical research, we can help once you exhaust the Internet.  We have experience of using archives, historical documents and other sources to expose the details you seek.  Let us help you look back further.


Covering the whole region, we offer competitive rates and a friendly, professional service tailored to your needs, so contact us today for an initial discussion.


The site also contains a selection of the photgraphs with some background information I have taken over the years of the historical objects and places I have looked at. These span a wide range of subjects as my wanderings around the region and country have been stimulated.  I am constantly adding to these so please keep coming back to see what is new.