All buildings have a story to tell. From the smallest cottage to the biggest mansion, from the terrace house to the block of flats.

Have you ever wondered how old your house is?

Who has lived in your house before you?

These questions can often be answered by looking at a wide range of resources from early maps to census returns and land tax assessments.

Even if your house is a modern build the site can be investigated.

If it is on a brown field site, what was the site used for previously? What buildings were there before?

For a new build on a green field site, which farm did it belong to and is there any cropping history for the site?

After many years of trawlling through old newspapers (mainly 19th Century) I now have a database of over 4,000 properties in cumbria and South West Scotland for which I have at least one advertisement for. In some cases these references can be very extensive. They cover all forms of property from houses in towns to inns and taverns,shops, corn mills and farms to small cottages in the country. For a free list of adverts for your possible please contact us.

If you would like the history of your home investigated or would like to see if your house is on my database please contact us to discuss the possible out comes.

What is your house made from? some stones can be easily identified especially those used for decoration for example red Shap Granite . 


In the case of brick built houses a lot of early brick makers once machine making became common had their name or the name of the brick works stamped onto the bricks. A selection of thes brick marks are shown.