Sheep needed to have their fleeces washed to remove dirt and also the various salves etc that was applied to them to control parasites before modern chemical dips were invented. Farmers tended to build pens on the edge of a stream next to a deep pool. The sheep would be rounded up into the pens then driven into the pool and the action of swimming out was usually sufficent to remove the dirt from the fleece.







Washfold on edge of Wythburn beck at NY 29562 10850.


















Washfold on side of Coldcove Gill, Dovedale. NY 39077 13562.


Drop into beck is in the trees to right of picture.
















Out shoot from sheep pens at Shap Abbey with a drop into a deep pool.

















This washfold in Near Gill Laids near Sedbergh SD 709 927. It would appear

that the stream was diverted when required to fill a large pond at the side of the fold, rather than using the river directly.










The Public washfold on Mill Beck, Talkin NY 56021 56709 as shown on the tithe map.talkin washfold 1








talkin washfold 2

A very substantial stone dam was built across the beck to form the wash pool. There does not appear to have been a pen on the opposite side to

Catch the sheep in after being through the wash.