county-hotel          county1


Originally the Red Lion. In 1811, Jollie in his directory, has John Boustead as inn keeper and butcher. He died in 1827. His widow continued running the inn until her death in 1834. The property probable belonged to Wilfred Gate who became bankrupt in 1837 with the failure of the Carlisle Old Bank. This is probably when the Boustead family purchased the inn, Rowland Boustead, innkeeper and butcher, died aged 44 in 1847 and left all his property to his brother James.

The Red lion was rebuilt on the corner site for Samuel Boustead (initials and date 1885 above door) from plans produced by J. Murchie.

further extensions in 1894 took the building further down Botcherby


The front of the hotel is enhanced with pink Shap granite.




broadstwarwickrdds  broadst2


A pair of large houses on the the corner of Warwick Rd and Broad St.


botchergate-1      botchergate-2

 Bank and Stanley Hall building on Botchergate.

The site was originally planned to be developed in1898 to screen the new auction mart of Richard Harrison behind it from Botchergate. Originally to be a row of 12 shops. However this didn't happen and in 1901 new plans foa bank on the corner of the South Henry Street entrance to the auction and 3 adjoining shops. A report in 1902 stated the buildings were to be 3 storey and an oriel on the bank corner. The building went ahead and JH 1903 was applied (John Harrison.) Also in 1903 the proposed warehouse above the shops was changed to a public hall to be called Stanley Hall. In 1910 the hall was converted to a cinema. The cinema closed in 1959. 



 clydesdale-2  clydesdale-1



CLYDESDALE BANK, English Street.


hsbc-1     hsbc-2


HSBC BANK, English Street.


The columns around the door and windows are in pink Shap Granite.


Originally for the Carlisle City and District Bank dated 1898 it is of Portland stone an early use of the stone in the north of England. Designed by T Taylor Scott.


nat-west-2   nar-west-1



NATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK corner of English Street and


scotch-st-2  scotch-st1



Shop on Scotch street.



ashley-school-1    ashlet-school-2



Ashley Street School.




school-ho-2   school-ho-1




Part of Ashley Street School.

 carrs1   carrs-2



Carrs biscuit Factory (McVites) Caldewgate. The office block.


temperance-hall-2     temperance-hall-1



West End Temperance Hall Caldewgate.


The Society was founded in 1860 and the date stone for the hall is 1861.




bankst1    bankst2




Building on Bank Street.


baths1  baths2



Carlisle Baths on James Street.


castleway-1   castleway2    castleway3

Old School on


clerks-office-1  clerks-office-2


 The old Town Clerks office in Fisher Street.


electric1   electric2



The old Carlisle Electricity office on James Street.


fisher-hall-2   fisher-hall-1



 Fisher hall Fisher Street.


guildhalloffice1  guiuldhalloffice2




Guildhall Offices Fisher street.


lonsdale1      lonsdale2



Arkle House Lonsdale Street.


In English garden wall bond with dressings in calciferous sandstone. 2 storey 3 bays with central stairs. Door with carved twisted-columns with cornice and fret parapet porch. Pediment has circular date plaque and ball finial.


metodist-hall-2    methodisthall1



Methodist Central Hall, fisher Street.


Designed by A Brocklehurst and A W Hornbrook of Brocklehurst & Co. Manchester and H E Ayres of Carlisle. Built by Laings.


A central pedimented section with low wings to either side with aedicules. Decorated date panel and the pediment is supported on grand ashler pilasters with rusticated sandstone plinth. The entablature has raised lettering METHODIST CENTRAL HALL.  Ground floor has four voussoir arches with keystones. Outher two are dsoors with semi-circular fan lights over the doors. The first floor is recessed with a curved facade divided into four panels with pilasters.


town-hall1   town-hall-2   townhall-3  townhall4

Carlisle old town hall.


This building has numerous dated stones commemorating a number of Mayors.


Built in 1668 - 9 on site of medieval town hall. Painted stucco walls on chamfered plinth, red sandstone eaves, cornice and solid parapet. 2 storey and seven bays.


1717 Extension red sandstone ashler with V jointed quoins  (right side in photo) At right angle to original two protruding bays on front five bays on side. Clock tower and cupola.

19th Century extension stucco with ground floor pilasters and rustic ashler. (left side in photo) Single bay on front but forms an L on rear.


Serpentine stairs repalced 17th century steps in c1825 red ashler sandstone.


 abbey-cottage-1  abbey-cottage2


Originally the Cathedral library and later the Registry. Frieze over door Thomas carliol AD1699 (Thomas Smith was bishop) Swan neck pediment enclosing bishops mitre. Possibly all 20th century replacements as little weathering compared to other stonework.   


English bond brick work on a sandstone plinth with Sandstone dressings.


warwickrd1    warwickrd3    warwickrd4warwickrd2




Building on the corner of Warwick Road and Lowther Street. Number 2 Lowther Street.


The North British & Mercantile Insurance Company was formed in 1809. They opened offices in Carlisle in the 1920s and this building was probably built for them.





carlisle-cross2      carlisle-cross1 


Carlisle Cross./Market Cross


Dated 1682 Joseph Reed Mayor.


Built of ashlar calciferous sandstone partially stuccoed. 5 circular steps to a chamfered  plinth with a square base above. Unfluted ionic column with sundial on top (all four faces have a sundial on). The numerals are inscised roman and the gnomons are painted metal.


There are ball and spear finials on each corner. On top is a lion holding a scroll with the City coat of arms on.



 lazonby-trce1    lazonby-trce2



Lazonby Terrace, London Road. A substantial row of brick houses with small front gardens at front.




Date stone for Petteril Terrace on Warwick Road. A substantial row of brick houses with small gardens to front.


 carlislebuildingdate  carlislebuilding


Brick building at north end of Lowther Street. Note decorative tiles above date.

lowthershopdate   lowtherst shop


Shop further up Lowther street on the opposite side.

shop carlisle

 The same building from an advert in 1928 for W Oram & Sons Ltd, They described themselves as High Class Grocers and Italian Wharehousemen.


date norfolk rd   norfolk rd2


Large Victorian house in Norfolk Road.


milbourn arms date   milbourn arms   milbourne arms 3

Milbourne Arms on the corner of Milbourne Crescent and Junction St.

Grade 2 listed public house built in 1852 53 as per the date stone above the Milbourne Crescent doorway.

It is painted stucco over brick on a chamfered plinth with a hipped slate roof.

2 storey and 3 bays on the Milbourne Crescent side and 2 bays on the junction St face. large shop like windows on the ground floor.   

castle datestone   castle building


The date on the Militia store building in the inner ward of Carlisle castle.


drinking fountain 1878 holm


A granite drinking fountain attached to the outside of the Ferguson cotton factory at Holme Head. Dated 1878. Partially obscured by the hedging.






norman ho wood st botcherby

Norman House, Wood Street.

HTD 1700



staintonhousedate   staintonhouse




upperby datestone1  upperby datestone2


This house on Petteril Bridge Road, Upperby. Was it originally a pair of houses? If the window on the left was originally a door then the house would be  symetrical.



tarraby ho date   tarraby ho

Farm house in Tarraby. Unusual with the full name of William and Dorothy Bell on the lintel instead of just the initials.



blundell place blackwell  blundell place blackwell.2


Blundell Place, Blackwell.  



carleton mill date


Lintel over the doorway into Carleton mill. D C 1781 is very amatuerishly carved into it. The mill was owned by the Dean and Chapter of Carlisle Cathedral who rebuilt it in 1781.



hyssop holme well date     hyssop holme well


Hyssop Holme well dated 1817.