A lot of roads in Cumbria still have milestones along them. In some cases the style of the stone varies along the route.













calrilse cockermouth rdJPGMilestone on the A 595 Carlisle to Cockermouth  at NY 30280 48772

cast iron plate on sandstone stone.

Turnpike trust inaugurated 1824.



 milestone bothel

 A Similar stone in the centre of Bothel village. This has now been bypassed.











wigton-milepostMilepost at Wigton NY 259 486. Showing as being in Wigton, although not in the centre of the town, but with distance from Carlisle

being a full mile and that to Cockermouth  being 15.5 miles, (note post above has cockermouth as 17.5 miles) the post must have

just been put here at its correct mileage position, rather than with odd measurements on it as would occur if placed in the centre of Wigton. 

























 Milepost in centre of Thursby NY 327 503. this ones gives the distance to Wigton the intermediate town.


























 milestone west newton

 Milepost on B 5301 road to Allonby at West Newton NY 137 444









 A milestone on the road outside Allonby church.  NY 080 425.milestone-allonby















Milestone on A594 at Dovenby.


Unusual in that it gives distances not to the town in particular but to the Market at Maryport and the Courthouse at Cockermouth.












 Milepost on Cowgill, Dentdale. NY 756 869

The S stands for Sedbergh. 

The Trust put stone milestones in place in 

 The Sedbergh trust was formed in 1761 with roads from Sedbergh to Kirkby Stephen and also to Hawes in Wensleydale.








Over the county boundary the milepopsts still show Sedburgh as the west end of the road. This cast iron post is at SD 884 909.

This cast iron post is obviously a replacem because next to it is the original stone pillar.
















Milepost at the southern end of Kirkby Lonsdale on the B 6254. Interestingly after London all the towns are on or near the A65, but Lancaster is not listed which would also be in the direction of this stone as you left Kirkby Lonsdale.

 boundarygreyriggb     bondary-stone-greyrigga


Milestone at SD 614 989. on the B6257.  BB stands for Borrowbridge and the other side is Kirkby Lonsdale although it needs to pass through Sedburgh.

Circular in plan on a square base erected in 1762 for the Grayrigg and Sedbergh Turnpike Road.

  sd6197b  sd6197a sd6197c


Milestone on the same road SD 616 975.







milepost  sd389802

Milepost at SD389 802.














 milepost brigsteer post SD4


 Cast Iron milepost on the Kendal to Brigsteer road at SD 49730 90261.


Set up in 1900 cast by Day of Castle foundry Kendal. Obviously measured from the main town of Kendal.












milepostsd396883 Mile post at SD 396 883.

'K' stands for Kendal.














cartmell milepost

Milestone in Cartmell village.

Shows the distances when the main route south from the area was over the sands of Morecombe Bay at low tide. 























The A6 was the main road north through Cumbria before the opening of the M6 motorway. It was originally a number of turnpike roads each of which had its own design of milestone.

This mile post is a bit of a cheat in this section being made of cast iron. On the road from Kendal to Burton in Kendal, it was the main road at time. It also gives the date of erection.
















































A similar design at NY 49757 82358. This time showing Milnthorpe as the nearest town to the south.









 Mile post in centre of Shap showing Kendal the next town to the south.shap milepost













Milestone on A6 just south of Milnthorpe.






















 milestoneA6 hackthorpe

Milestone (Cast iron) on the A6 at Hackthorpe . This is one of the Heron Sike turnpike trust. They were cast in 1825 at Gatebeck near Kendal. Between Kendal and Shap they were placed on the west side of the road and between Shap and Penrith they were on the east side.














Milestone outside The Greyhound Inn (an early coaching inn) in Shap village.

shap greyhound inn

The writing would suggest that this is an old stone pre-turnpike stone























 highgatehotelkendal1  highgatehotelkendal2


A pair of stones either side of the main pedestrian entrance to Highgate Hotel, Kendal. This was one of the main coaching inns of Kendal.



























The A6071 is the Longtown to Brampton turnpike. Formed in 1807 under act of Parliment 47 Geo3 c15 operated till 1876 over a distance of 11 miles.





A very basic milestone at NY 448 651 with no indication as to which towns are where. It is 5 miles from Longtown and 6 Brampton.








 The roads around Alston are particluarly rich in milestones and there is a wide variety in design. The London Lead Company, the main leasee of the lead mines around Alston Moor. The roads in the area have always been poor and pack ponies rather than wagons were the main form of transport. The London Lead Company's agents Robert and Jospeh Stagg surveyed and built a number of roads in the area between 1820 and 1830. These connected Alston and Garrigill in the Alston area. At the same time Greenwich Hospital Commission, the lords of the manor of Alston Moor and the Leasors of the mining rights, employed J. L. McAdam in the 1820s to build roads. these included Hexham to Penrith via alston and Brampton to Alston.   

At the main road junction in Alston at the bottom of the main street is a large stone giving distances to all the main towns accessible from Alston. It does however not give any directions.












































milestone alston ny700439

Mile post on the Penrith to Alston road (A686) (NY 700 439)




















hartsideThis is another Milestone on the Penrith to Alston road (A686) but shows the distance to an intermediate village.























Milestone on the road from Alston to Weardale (A689)

at NY 787 435 showinhg distance back to Nenthead and the major towns in Weardale.


























Mile stone at NY 771 378 on the Alston to Middleton road.


































 Milepost A69   Brampton.                                               bramptona69a

Sandstone pillar with two cast iron plates.

The first Turnpike trust inaugurated in 1747 followed the military road. This road went via Great Crosby and Stanwix to Carlisle. Now called the A 689. The road via Warwick Bridge to Brampton the A69 was turnpiked in 1828. Their milestones were labelled Carlisle and Brampton.

See Warwick Bridge date stone












 Milestone A69 at NY 492 517haytona69b































A recently replaced milepost on A66

At Threkeld.


milestone near threlkeld












 milepost penrith by bowerba

 A cast iron milepost on what was originally the route of the main road from Penrith to Appleby at NY 53153 29595.


The front edge shows the name of the foundry casting it as Bowerbank.


Joseph Bowerbank had ironmonger premises at 2 & 3 Market Place Penrith and also Victoria Foundry in Penrith.














A 590.


haverthwaite1   haverthwaite2    haverthwaite3


A rather battered milestone on the old A590 at Haverthwaite


upperholker1    upperholker2    upperholker3

A similar stone on the road into Backbarrow.







 A milestone on the Whinlatter pass. No evidence of where the two places that is 6 miles away.















 A cast iron milepost on the Keswick


 to  Ambleside road A591.

















 A similar milestone just outside Keswick at Castlerigg.














MILESTONEAT-DALEMAINMilestone on the A592 at NY 478 268 outside the entrance to Dalemain house. Photographed in January 2014 the metal plates are missing.















































































milestonemoat cumbria

 A sandstone pillar with a cast iron plate at Moat north of Longtown.

















 A mile stone on the B 6276 road between Brough and Middleton in Teesdale. NY 82442 19465milestone ny 82442 19465